The following missions are supported in part by The Journey. 

Baptist Haiti Mission

The Baptist Haiti Mission is working to provide education, health education, churches, etc. for the people of Haiti. Teaching them methods to begin providing better for themselves. They have been supported by our church for over 55 years.   

A recent mission trip by several church members has brought us closer to the ministry, which we continue to support.


4-c program

Children in Haiti need sponsors to help provide for their education, food and clothing each day. The cost is $25 a month to adopt a 4-c child. 

Terry Calvert

Terry headed for BHM in Haiti this summer for a short term mission, then to work with Trades For Life with Avant Ministries in Belize later in the year.

Email: terry.calvert@avmi.org


Jim and Barb Choury

Jim and Barb are with Haven Ministries. The Chourys are ministering and challenging those with New Age and Atheistic beliefs. They live in the Fort Collins area. 

E-mail: jamesachoury@yahoo.com


Kevin & Danielle Foster

Check out this video about Rift Valley Academy and learn more about their new ministry!

Rift Valley Academy is a Christian boarding school that serves the children of missionaries who are serving on the continent of Africa. It is located in Kijabe, Kenya and was founded in 1906 by Charles Hurlburt. Total enrollment for the school in 2010 was 450 students.

Javier Valdez 

Javier is a pastor of a growing evangelical church in the Madera area. We help to support his work in Madera, Mexico.

Jeff Kran

Jeff Kran is a Jewish believer who was born in Chicago in 1962 and raised by secular Jewish parents. However, he was greatly influenced by his Orthodox Jewish grandfather who lived with them for some years and made sure that Jeff had the basis of a Jewish education.  Jeff came to faith in 1982 through a study of the evidence for the truth of Scripture - particularly Messianic prophecy. Since then, he has been active in Bible teaching, conference speaking and congregation planting.

Jeff has a deep and long-standing burden for his Jewish people and has lectured and held open forums on college campuses and taught workshops on Jewish theological objections to the Gospel.  Jeffrey joined the Mission staff full time in 2006. He and his wife, Marlene, have a vision for evangelism and to work with churches to equip believers to bring Jewish people to Messiah. The Krans have five children.  Jeff completed his Masters of Divinity Degree with a focus in Messianic Jewish Studies at the Charles Feinberg Center in January 2011. You can read more about this ministry at www.chosenpeople.com.

Dan & Charlene Canady 

Dan and Charlene lead Life in the Vine, a retreat ministry located on the grounds of Mt. Elim Bible Camp. They live at the camp and in Kremmling, Colorado.

For more information, contact:

Dan Canady

Email: dancanady@lifeinthevine.org


Clair & Mayann Longuevan

Clair and Mayann  are serving with Avant Ministries as an area representative ministering to churches and college campus' and also leading missions trips to various parts of the world.  

Email: clonguevan@cs.com


Love INC

Through the Love INC ministry, churches are mobilized, people are helped, relationships are formed and individuals and families come to see the love of Jesus Christ in action. The program helps to identify gaps in community services to the disadvantaged and help churches organize and develop ways to bridge those gaps. Volunteers are trained to verify the legitimacy of their needs and locate resources to meet the need.  

Disadvantaged individuals and families have access to programs and church ministries such as the Love INC Emergency Housing Program, Clothes for Kids, Project School Supply, a food pantry, a household items ministry, a gently-used furniture ministry and much more. 

Love INC provides financial aid referrals for rent, utilities, or other verifiable needs which are not being met by existing community agencies.

Pat Jones, Executive Director

Email:  loveincpat@yahoo.com

First contact must be made by phone, (970) 826-4400.


Misty and John Mohl

Misty and John work in church planting in the El Paso, Texas area with Great Commission Ministries. 

Email: misty.pfifer@gmcweb.com


Mt. Elim Camp

This is the camp with which we are primarily involved, directing one week each summer as well as sending campers and workers for other weeks. The camp is located near Lynx Pass above Stagecoach Reservoir in Yampa, CO. Please speak to Luann or Len if you are interested in serving at the camp or if you have a child who would like to attend. Check out our Outreach page for more information.

Yampa Valley Pregnancy and Family Center

The YVPF Center believes in affirming life at all stages and offers HOPE (Help, Opportunity, Practical Needs, Education) to pregnant teens and women; single parents, couples, grandparents and foster parents raising infants and toddlers; and women and men who have been affected by abortion.  After helping to start this ministry over 30 years ago, we continue to support it.  

Vickie Vancouvering, Director

Email: yvpc@rocketmail.com



Bear River Young Life

Dave Pressgrove is the area director for this ministry directed towards Middle and High School students. Bear River Young Life, a non-denominational group in the Yampa and Little Snake River Valleys, is intent on introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them to grow in their faith.


Ritch Sandford

Pastor of the Mission church in East Jordan, Utah. Reaching out to share the love of Jesus and the truth of His Gospel to the people of Utah. 


Dave Shelley

Working with International Students Inc. to share Jesus and build relationships with international students. They are the future leaders of their countries, and may share the good news with their own people when they return home!


Voice Of the Martyrs

Our local representative is Ruth Ann Hendershott.

Email:  randph82@msn.com


Wayne & Louise Walgren

After serving with New Tribes Missions about 40 years in Brazil, they are now semi-retired in Craig, CO and lead a Bible Study at their local church, the Journey at First Baptist.

Email: wayne_walgren@ntm.org


Kevin & Kalina Young

The Youngs are working with a campus ministry in Orono, Maine at the University of Maine.

Challenge UMaine is a Baptist Collegiate Ministry located at the University of Maine in Orono, ME, the flagship and largest school in the University of Maine system. UMaine has a combined attendance of around 12,000 students, with less than 2% of those being active evangelical Christians. Challenge UMaine is a recognized campus club, and focus activities and study around the four pillars of the organization: Go, Know, Show & Grow. 

They are known on campus for the distribution of "Love Burritos" at home Men's Hockey games.

Snail-mail them at 227 Jacob Buck Pond Rd, Bucksport, ME 04416

Check them out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ChallengeUMaine/