Missions 1

Baptist Haiti Mission

The Baptist Haiti Mission is working to provide education, health education, churches, etc. for the people of Haiti; teaching them methods to begin providing better for themselves. They have been supported by our church for over 55 years. A mission trip in 2016 by several church members has brought us closer to the ministry, which we continue to support. www.bhm.org

4-C Program

Children in Haiti need sponsors to help provide their education, food and clothing each day. The cost is $25 a month to adopt a 4-c child.

Terry Calvert

Terry headed to Haiti for a short term mission with BHM. Then went to work with Trades For Life with Avant Ministries in Belize later in the year. Email: terry.calvert@avmi.org


Kevin & Danielle Foster

Kevin and Danielle work at Rift Valley Academy in Kijabe, Kenya as part of a ministry of Africa Inland Mission International. Rift Valley Academy is a Christian boarding school that serves the children of missionaries who are serving in the continent of Africa. Check out this video about Rift Valley and to learn more about the Fosters’ ministry!


Jim & Barb Choury

Jim and Barb are with Haven Ministries; ministering and challenging those with New Age and Atheistic beliefs. They live in the Fort Collins area.

Email: jamesachoury@yahoo.com


Javier Valdez

Javier is a pastor of a growing evangelical church in the Madera area, Mexico.

Jeff Kran

Jeff is a Jewish believer who was born in Chicago in 1962 and came to faith in 1982 through a study of the evidence for the truth of Scripture – particularly Messianic prophecy. Since then, he has been active in Bible teaching, conference speaking and congregation planting. Jeff joined the staff on Chosen People Ministries in 2006 and serves his wife Marlene and their five children.