1150 West 9th Street 1975-2001

On the First Sunday of 1975,First Baptist Church moved into the new building at 1150 West 9th Street.

Don Wasey was the Pastor, and years of preparation and prayer went into the move. Financing of the structure was by private bonds, and most members of the congregation pledged, and gave an extra amount monthly until the building was debt free, years before the term of the bonds expired.

The dedication of the building was held on the first Sunday afternoon in July of 1975. When the move was made, the church furniture, pews and pulpit came along. They had been purchased in the early 1960’s, for a mere $800. Now days, one pew costs that! They were using the hymnal Inspiring Hymns, and it continued to serve till 2000, when Integrity Music’s Celebration Hymnal was purchased to update our music resources.

April 26, 1975 saw the wedding of Randy Kline and LuAnn Smith—the first formal wedding in the new building.

In 1984, during the construction boom in Craig, the mortgage was paid off on our present building. We were so \ grateful to God that he provided for us to make that early pay off.

The years have gone so quickly! First Baptist Church has served a unique purpose through these years. There has been a spirit of freedom that has allowed change and growth, though not without the accompanying growing pains.

FBC has been part of numerous new ministries. Out of this church came the vision for The Yampa Valley Crisis Pregnancy Center, and the Cornerstone Bookstore and Cornerstone Ministries, which operated together for about 12 or 13 years.

Due in part to the nature of the economy of Craig and Moffat county, and the rapid growth of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, the membership of FBC has been fluid. People have come and been active in the body, contributing while they were here, teaching and learning together with us. The membership numbers have remained relatively stable, with attendance averaging about 150. For almost every family that has joined our body, another has moved on to another location.