Bible Camps

In the 1960’s and 70’s the church supported 2 Bible Camps; Big Pine, near Rifle, Colorado, and Mt. Elim Camp, on Morrison Creek near Oak Creek, CO. The fellowship, fun and spiritual learning that go on in the atmosphere of camp are wonderful. The experience of just being away from regular life has provided opportunities for growth that would never have happened other wise. In the summers of 1997, 1998, Pastor Brian Haynes baptized about a dozen kids and adults that had made decision for Christ at Camp. In the years since, this has become a summer tradition.

There is a long history of Bible camping in our area, and before Mt. Elim, camps were held at other locations, either outdoors or in tents.

A group of men from the area got a vision of what camping could become, and started praying for God to show them just the right place to build a camp. They formed the Young Peoples Fundamental Bible Conference of Northwest Colorado, and invited all area churches that could agree with their Statement of faith to participate.

The camp was formed as a
 Youth Camp,
 To study the Bible,
 Provide Christian fellowship, and relaxation for adults groups and
 Other activities related to the field of Christian education.,
 To promote youth activities,
 Missionary conferences,
 Rest camps for return missionaries, and
 A forum for the promotion of religious education.

In the early 50’s, they found a hunting lodge in the present location, and began to build the camp around it. That lodge became a part of the dining hall. As time went on, a Chapel, recreation hall, cabins and a shower house were built. The well/water system was improved, additions were made to the dining hall, and a huge multi-purpose A frame went up in about 1984, in honor of Rev Ernest Kline. A manager’s cabin was completed in 2005.

In 2000, Mt Elim began a sort of partnership with Adventure Pursuits. That Organization put over 90 thousand dollars in improvements into Mt. Elim in exchange for the use of the facility.

In 2004 , Mt Elim Celebrated its 50th anniversary , and after more than 50 years, is still serving its original purpose. Let’s hope it is still there for many years to come.