Church Structure

From 1911 till the early 1980’s our church governmental structure was Pastor, a board of Deacons, a board of Trustees, and standing committees. The officers of the church were the Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and Church Clerk. This functioned very well while we remained a small, family church.

In the Church minute book, not much is said about the years of WWI. On September 16, 1917 it says, the last meeting was held by Brother Kline.

Minutes begin again on May 19, 1918. During the interval, Rev. Kline went east to Pennsylvania, and worked for a time in an ammunition factory.

No recorded church services were held that winter. This was also the time of the great influenza epidemic.

In September of 1918, David S. Kline, Harold Kline and Miss Mabel Kline were received into the fellowship of the church, by letters from their church in Pennsylvania.

June 21, 1919: Revival meetings convened and 11 people were taken into fellowship—namely James Herod, Roy Medlock, Lillian Welch, Alton Welch, John Couvert, Lorene Couvert, Dorothy Herod, Irene Herod and Irvin Herod, as well as Mr. And Mrs Wilbur Shirat.

July 20, 1919: The presbytery met and organized the call of the church for the ordination of Brother Bertram Welch for a minister of the Gospel. Charge was given by Brother JC Herod and Brother ES Kline and Brother Charles Diesel gave charge to the candidate and the church.

September 19, 1920: Brother EF McNeal conducted Examination of the candidates for Deacon. They were questioned on Inspiration of the Scriptures, the Fall of man, the Plan of Salvation, Justification, Repentance and faith and their understanding of Sanctification. God’s preserving power was also asked of them, and what is the purpose of the church. Their belief in Baptism and what constituted Baptism, the Lord’s Supper and keeping the Lord’s day was also brought in question. Favorable answers were given and Brothers Bruce Medlock and Frank Dagget were ordained as Deacons, with a prayer by Brother Welch and a Charge on the duty of Deacons by Brother Lindsey and the laying on of hands.

From the minute book of First Baptist Church, June 29th, 1924:
Fifth Sunday meeting opened by song #227.
Prayer by Brother JC Herod. Song #224
Scripture read by Brother Lindsey
Talk by Brother Blanchard
Prayer led by Brother David S. Kline
Song #217 The Touch of His hand on Mine.
Talk by Brother Campbell
Talk by Brother Clouser
Talk by Brother Johnson
Talk by Brother JC Herod Song #216
Talk by Brother Bruce Medlock
Talk by Sister Johnson
Talk by sister Mary Blanchard
Talk by Brother ES Kline
Talk by Brother Jasper Clouser Song #218
Talk by Brother Eben Hamilton
Talk by Sister Lizzie Kline and another by Sister Stehle
Talk by Miss Mabel Kline and one by sister Lottie Herod
Talk by Brother Blanchard
Song by Brother Ernest and Sister Lizzie Kline
Sister Jessie Medlock and Sister Mable Kline sang # 88
Session dismissed by Brother Blanchard for the fore noon.
Dinner served in a grove in Rosedale.
Afternoon service opened by Song #234 the King’s Business
Prayer by Brother Couvert
Song by Sister Blanchard

The church was called in conference by Brother Lindsey, Moderator.
Prayer by Brother E S Kline
Song #245—Love Lifted Me
Motion made and carried that we the church appoint Brother Blanchard as our missionary and hold regular meetings every Sunday at the Chapel Car.
A 10:00 o’clock preaching service an 11:00 o’clock preaching service and an 8:00 o’clock in the evening service, with Sunday School in the afternoon at 3:00 o’clock at Elkhead.
It was decided by the church that we let all collections go to the Missions.
Doors were opened for reception of members, with Song #38. 3 people came forward, namely Mrs. Bessie Lawson by promise of a letter, Mrs Mabel Culverwell and Mrs. Carrie Haines by recommendation. Song #53 was sung and the church received them.
Prayer by Brother Blanchard.
Talk by Brother DS Kline
Talk by Brother Couvert
Song #90 sung by Sister Culverwell.
Lizzie Kline played for Sister Wagner
Talk by JC Herod
Talk by Brother Eben Hamilton
Talk by Sister Bowers
Talk by Brother Clouser
Last song #183 closed by prayer
Ida Herod, Clirk.

After the Elkhead School was built, regular services were held there. Bertram Welch, a homesteader and ordained Baptist Minister, helped pastor the church. Sometimes in those days of rapid growth, there was not enough room inside and some Sunday School classes met outside on a grassy road bank or in the shade of a building or tree. Baptismal services were always held in the summer time, in creeks, rivers or ponds. When the water level was extremely low, a small dam was often constructed to get enough water for the service. There were no heated tanks, robes or dressing rooms, but there was always great rejoicing as new believers went under the baptismal waters, while the congregation sang “Shall we Gather at the River”. People were even known to shout Amen! or Praise the Lord on these occasions.

There is a note in the church minutes that says that the church bought the Elkhead School house, with the help of Paul Miller, after it was no longer used as a school, and that Scott Pankey purchased the piano from the school. His daughter, Daisy Smith, still has that piano in her house.

In the early 1950’s, the church voted to sever our association with the Northern Baptist Convention, and become affiliated with the new Conservative Baptist movement, both nationally and within the state of Colorado. This affiliation ended after a few years and for quite some time, the church was an Independent Baptist church, with no conference affiliation. In April of 2001, after about 8 years of research and discussion, First Baptist Church became a part of the Rocky Mountain Bible Conference, and the Baptist General Conference. (Converge )