The Chapel Car

By 1924, there were a number of Baptist who lived in Craig. The church was built up by a revival meeting, which was held in a tent. Rev F. I. Blanchard was sent to Craig by the American Baptist Missionary society, along with the chapel train car, Emmanuel. Rev and Mrs. Blanchard lived on the chapel Car, which was parked on a spur track near the Craig Depot and it became the temporary meeting place while a building was being constructed at the corner of 7th and School Streets.

From the Minute Book, Feb 15, 1925—an all day meeting was held in the Chapel Car. At noon a nice lunch was served. At 2:00 pm the meeting was called into business session and opened with song and prayer. The report of the treasurer of the building fund was read, showing that a sum of $4,251.06 had been paid in and a balance of $95.00 was on hand Feb 14, 1925.

The Report of the lot fund was read, showing that $686.50 had been pledged and $464,50 which had been paid in to Charles Van Dorn at different times. The report was accepted.

The furniture question was brought up next, and decided that the furniture committee should have charge of all the pledges on the furniture and that Mrs. Diesel be treasurer of that committee. Pledges were taken amounting to $363.84 & $100.72 in cash was collected so the chairs could be ordered at once.

A finance Committee was appointed as follows: Everett Case, Elkhead, Eben Hamilton Cedar Mt., Roy Medlock, Rosedale, Charles Van Dorn, NW Craig, George Ambrose, NW Craig, Maurice Pysher, South of Victory. The Meeting was a great success in every way.
Mrs. Maurice Pysher, Church Clerk.